Garage Cabinets in Peoria are the Answer to All of Your Storage Problems

Paint, camping supplies, extra tiles, garden tools, and old yearbooks are likely just a few of the things you have to find space in your garage for. However, without enough storage space, finding a place to keep all of these things can be a challenge. Recently, we helped a homeowner take control of their clutter and get their things behind closed doors with our garage cabinets in Peoria.

Classic White Cabinets

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We ended up installing classic white garage cabinets in Peoria to help this family overcome their storage problems. Not only do the cabinets provide ample room, but the workbench we installed ensures that projects can be done easily without things getting in the way. In this situation, the family picked white cabinets for their garage makeover. However, we also have other color options available like London Grey and Light Maple to ensure the overall appearance of the cabinets matches your personal style and the feel of your garage.

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We also installed shelving to help the family easily hang up their yard tools and other miscellaneous items. Although the family’s things are in one position right now, the hooks on these devices can be adjusted as your storage needs change over time. These shelving units can also hold 1,000 pounds for every four feet of space so you never have to worry about your things staying up safely and securely.

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A Beautiful Garage

When it comes to garage cabinets in Peoria, we know how to do it right. If your garage poses unique challenges, such as lack of wall space or a water heater right in the middle of the walls, we guarantee that we can come up with a customized layout plan that works well for your needs. Give us a call today to find out how we can transform your garage with our garage cabinets in Peoria.

by on July 14, 2014

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